How to Adjust Garage Door Track by Yourself

There is a garage door track on each side of the doorway. These tracks run from floor to ceiling and continue horizontally. They guide the rollers that the door runs on.

When the track is out of alignment, the door may bind or rub against the weatherstripping. Also, a gap may appear between the door and the weatherstripping.

How to adjust the track to the rollers

You need to set the track to the correct alignment for the rollers. First of all, find the metal clips securing the track to the framing. The slots that can be found on every clip are necessary for making side to side adjustment.

Garage door track clip

Typically, the distance between the edge of the door and the track is in between 0,5″ to 0,75″ (these figures are not strictly accurate for every situation). This distance allows the rollers to move in and out of the sleeves. Check that the door is neither too close nor too far from the track, because in these cases the door will bind or the rollers will pull out of the sleeves.


Always lower the door before you start working. Never work while the door is up.

Also, it is important that you only loosen one track at a time and never remove the lag screws altogether. Just loosen the screw and slide the bracket to put it in the right position. It is very likely that you will have to work with several clips. Do not forget to tighten all the clips when you’ve set the correct alignment.

How to adjust the overhead track

Check out that the overhead part of the track and the wall track are at the same distance from the garage door. If you notice any difference, lower the door and start working. You need to relocate the end of the track so that it is parallel with the door, 0,5″ to 0,75″ away from it.

If you want to use an existing hole, just loosen the bolts. If you want to use a new hole, remove the bolts altogether. Now you can slightly draw the end of the track closer or away from the door. See if the operation of the door improves. If not, move the end of the track once more and tightly secure the screws. The rollers should neither bind nor pull away.


Do not stand underneath the garage door! Do not start working until the door is down.

How to adjust the track to the weatherstripping

Close the door and check whether it is touching the weatherstripping. Do you spot the light or a draft? If yes, loosen the screws and move the track toward the framing. Tightly secure the screws and check whether the gap has disappeared. If you do not like the result, pay attention to the clips above or below: it is often necessary to adjust several clips.

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