Garage Dimension

Size and layout specifics for a 3 car garage

Oftentimes, when we talk about laying out a 3-vehicle garage, we stress that one of the parking spots is going to be occupied, for example, by a trailer, not a vehicle. There are other options as well, so let’s discuss them too. Functionality of a three-car garage Contrary to stereotypes, a three-car garage does not… Read More »

Size and layout specifics for a one car garage

A single-car garage is the most common and least expensive solution for a cottage owner. What should one consider when designing the future garage to satisfy all car owner’s needs? Step 1. Evaluation of needs Every planned idea requires thorough evaluation of needs. When designing a garage, please, consider the following things: Car class (and,… Read More »

Size and layout specifics for a 2 car garage

Today, an automobile is not just a means of transportation, but oftentimes the only means of transportation used for both routine and emergency purposes. High demand has given rise to numerous car manufacturers. This, in turn, defines cars’ availability and affordability. Because most families have more than one active person, they often need two or… Read More »