How to Replace Garage Door Weatherstripping

Can you see gaps or feel the air leaking inside the garage? The weatherstripping gradually dries out and becomes damaged. Replacing it can help to conserve heat or cool air.

There are two kinds of weatherstripping on your door: wooden or vinyl on the top and sides and rubber or vinyl at the bottom. If you want to replace it, material will cost you $50 to $75. If you want to do it on your own, you save the cost of the labor, which is $50 to $75. This work is not really difficult, though it may require patience and some effort to be successful. Also, you need basic tools.

Replacing top and side weatherstripping

To begin with, purchase vinyl weatherstripping without painting. Now remove the worn section of the weatherstripping with a flat pry bar. Remove the nails and ensure that the surface is clean. It is convenient to cut the trim with a miter box.

Garage Door Weatherstripping

Mark the replacement weatherstripping with a pencil and secure it in place with galvanized finish nails or plated screws. Check whether it fits snugly. We do not recommend using the old line as it probably won’t fit the new trim.

Replacing the bottom boot

What signs indicate that the weatherstripping boot on your garage door needs replacement? If you notice the light or a draft (especially when it is very cold outside), it is enough to consider replacing the trim.

Replacing the bottom boot garage door

Check whether there is an aluminum track that the weatherstripping boot slides in and out of. If you had your door installed a long time ago, it is possible that the rubber boot is screwed right to the floor. In this case we recommend buying a kit that includes a track and new boot. Use the bolts from the kit to secure the track on the bottom of your garage door.

If an aluminum track is already installed, just purchase the rubber boot that fits the width of you garage door. You need to measure the door before going to the shop. Also, it is a good idea to slide the old boot out and use a piece as a sample.

Once you have the replacement boot, open the door and secure it in place. Remove the old boot and the dirt from the bottom of the door. Sliding the new weatherstripping in place may require attention and patience. Trim the rubber boot with a utility knife.

Having secured the weatherstripping, test the garage door. If it seals without any gaps, and you cannot notice a draft, then the project is finished.

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