SkyLink garage door opener

The company Skylink (Skylink Group) was set up in the 1990 in China. Its manufacturing facility is situated about 50 miles from Hong Kong. The company has a wide chain of representational offices, mostly, in the United States and Canada. The main goal of the company is creating of a safe and comfortable environment for its clients. Having the company’s products, you possess the control of your home or office security in the palm of your hand!

The product range of the company is quite rich: garage door openers, alarm\alert systems, universal garage\gate controls, home automation, swing door openers, etc. Its products are designed for both home and business objects. The company tries its best to determine the needs of its clients and offer the best quality products at affordable prices. The principle of customized approach also finds its expression in the work of the Customer Service of the company.

Innovations in wireless technology are used while manufacturing of Skylink products, including garage doors. Thus, the company strains after meeting the requirements of its clients, and to exceed their expectations in some aspects.

Founded 1990
Headquarters Sha Tin District, Hong Kong