Securalift Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting

Look through the table below. The information in it can be useful for you if you are the owner of Securalift Garage Door Opener. In case of failure and the need to fix the problem, you can determine the causes of the failure and use the tips from the manual for troubleshooting. Look at the table and make sure that you do not always need to call the repairman.

SymptomPossible causeRemedy
Door will not operateMains power not switched onSwitch on mains power
Door is obstructedRemove obstruction
Door is locked or motor jammedUnlock door or remove jam
Door tracks/hardware damagedDoor requires service/repair by qualified technician
Door starts to close but automatically reverses to open positionAdverse weather conditions (wind or cold) causing door to stiffen and become tight in the tracksIncrease force margin setting.
Possible obstruction in the doorwayRemove obstruction
Door operates from drive unit (operate) button but not from transmitterTransmitter code not stored in memoryCode transmitter into opener's memory.
Flat batteryReplace battery
Door will not close fullyDoor limits position need to be resetReset limits positions.
Door will not open fully
Courtesy light not workingFaulty lightReplace lamp
PE Beam click but door does not reverse open when PE Beam is obstructed during close cycleWrong value of resistor is used PE Beam or wiring faulty PE Beam not aligned correctly PE Beam is obstructed2k2 ohms resistor must be used on the receiver of PE Beam
Remove obstruction

Call service