Screw Drive garage door opener troubleshooting

If you are the owner of Screw Drive garage door opener, located below 2 tables could become for you an indispensable and very useful manual. In case of failure troubleshooting for you will be much easier. The tables contain possible faults and easy ways to solve them. In addition, you could easily identify the problem by the color combination of source and sensor, so before you contact the repairman, review the information from the table – sometimes the troubleshooting does not take much time and you can do it yourself. These tables will help to save your time and money.

Screw Drive Overhead Door Signature garage door opener troubleshooting

Operator does not run from wall control.Check lock switch on wall console
Check the power source.
• Plug a lamp into outlet used for power head. If lamp works, power source is OK. If not. check fuse or circuit breaker.
• If power is OK:
- Check connections at power head terminals.
- Check connections at wall control.
- Motor protector may be open. Wait about 20 minutes for protector to reset.
Door starts for no reason.Check staples on wire from power head to wall control. If they cut into insulation, they can short wires. If wire is cut, replace it.
Was a remote control lost or stolen? Erase all remote control codes from receiver memory and reprogram. Wall control button sticking. Check operation of buttons.
Door starts down, then stops before it’s closed.Check CLOSE limit switch setting Check for shorted wires
Door starts down, then stops and goes back up.Check force adjustment
Check for light beam obstruction or misalignment of Safe-T-Beam® Check STB self-diagnostic code.
Door will only run closed.Check OPEN limit switch for short and proper wiring. Check force adjustment
Check for broken door spring.
Door will only run open.Check Safe-T-Beam» System
Check CLOSE limit switch for short and proper wiring. Check force adjustment
Remote control has less than 25 feet operating range.Relocate remote control inside car.
Point remote control at door.
Replace battery.
Do Not attempt to retune remote controls.
Door starts up, but stops before it’s completely open.Be sure door is in good repair, properly lubricated and balanced. Check OPEN limit switch setting.
Check force adjustment
Check for broken door spring.
Operator runs, but door does not move.Make sure carriage is engaged.
Check force adjustment
Operator works from wall control, but not from remote control.Program remote control code into receiver memory
If one remote control works and another does not, check battery, remote control type (Series II) and frequency of non-working unit
Noisy operation.Be sure all fasteners are tight.
Be sure door is in good repair, properly lubricated and balanced
STB System malfunction.Use self-diagnostic STB System troubleshooting information to maintain safe operation
Lights will not go out.Check wiring.
Disconnect & reconnect wires on wall control. Non-compatible wall control.

Screw Drive garage door opener troubleshooting

Source (Red Led)Sensor (Green Led)Indicated ConditionRequired Action
# OnOnNormal OperationNone Required
O OffOff1.Power Head Not Powered1.Check Breakers. Fuses, Plugs
2.Wiring From Power Head Bad2.Check Wiring For Obvious Shorts
O OffOn1.Wiring To Source Missing Or Bad1.Check Wiring
2.Power Has Been Interrupted2.Remove Power And Reapply
2 Blinks, Pause (Repeat)On1. Beam Not Aligned 2. Beam Obstructed 3.Sensor Defective1 .Check Alignment 2. Check For Obstruction 3.Call Customer Service
Off1.Wire To Sensor Missing Or Bad 2.Sensor Defective1.Check Wiring 2.Call Customer Service
3 Blinks. Pause (Repeat)On1.Sensor Receiving Interference1 .Attempt To Determine Source Of Interference 2.Call Customer Service
4 Blinks, Pause (Repeat)On1.Source Not Sending Pulses 2.Source Defective1.Call Customer Service

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