Quantum garage door opener troubleshooting

Users of Quantum garage door openers don’t have to contact the customer support to have their problems solved – the table below helps to perform the troubleshooting process. It enlists the most widespread technical issues, possible causes, and the ways to solve the problems. No matter what’s happened with the garage door opener, most likely, you can fix it on your own using the information present here.

Quantum 3214 garage door opener troubleshooting

Opener won't work from wall button or radio control.No power to opener.Check cord to outlet, wall switch and circuit breaker.
Short circuit in wires to opener or wall button.Isolate by disconnecting the wires at the opener from the wall station.
Motor Protector trips open due to excessive use.Allow motor to cool for 20 minutes and try again.
Opener works from wall button but not from radio control.Radio control system non-operational.Weak or dead battery in transmitter- replace.
Security Code not matched between receiver and transmitter
If two or more transmitters don’t work, have Motor Control Board Tested.
Door does not open and opener light flashes.Something obstructing door travel.Disconnect door from operator. Operate door by hand to locate obstruction or call a service person.
Insufficient opening force.Adjust opening force.
Build up of ice and snow around door.Shovel and clear door area.
Door does not open fully and light does not flash.Open Limit not set properly.Adjust Open Travel with screwdriver, turn counter-clockwise to desired setting.
Door stops and does not close fully.Close Limit not set properly.Adjust Close Travel with screwdriver, turn clockwise to desired setting.
Door closes and then returns to fully open position and opener light flashes.Door arm adjustment.Adjust rod in tube to provide 1" of “cushion" compression when door is fully closed
Close travel adjustment is set beyond normal door position.Adjust Close Travel with screwdriver, turn clockwise to desired setting. 1/4 turn equals 1" of travel Check for stones or ice under door and remove.
Obstructions on floor.
When activated with door in fully open position, door travels for 1 second, stops, and returns to fully open position and light begins to flash.Infrared Safety Sensors out of adjustment or defective.Infrared Safety Sensors alignment should be checked per instructions.
Batteries in Wireless Safety Sensors. Obstructions in door opening.Check batteries and contact points.
Check for object blocking Infrared Safety Sensors.
Door reverses travel before reaching fully closed position and opener light flashes.Activation of obstruction sensing sys- tem.Check for binding in door travel (door “stops’, door tracks, etc).
Loose or hanging objects on door activating Infrared Safety SensorRemove objects.
Insufficient closing force.Adjust closing force.
Door stops travel for 1 second at midpoint during close and then continues to close.Weak battery in Wireless Infrared Safety Sensors.Replace batteries in Wireless Infrared Safety Sensors.
Door fully opens and then light flashes.Open limit is set too high and trolley is hitting the stop bolt.Adjust Open Travel with screwdriver; turn counter-clockwise to desired setting. 1/4 turn equals to 1" of travel

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