Python garage door opener troubleshooting

Having problems with your Python garage door opener? The troubleshooting information below will help you in case of many common malfunctions, including lights blinking, door reversing, remote issues and more.

Operator does• Check lock switch on wall console.
not run from• Check power source.
wall control- Plug a lamp into outlet used for power head. If lamp works, power source is OK.
- If not, check fuse or circuit breaker.
• Power is OK.
- Check connections at power head terminals.
- Check connections at wall control.
• Check wires to ensure they are not cut Staples can cut insulation and short wires. If wire is cut, replace it.
Door operator starts for no reason.• Was a remote control lost or stolen? Erase all remote control codes from receiver memory and reprogram.
• Button stuck on wall control.
• Check CLOSE limit switch setting
• Wires shorted.
Door starts down, then stops before it’s closed.• Check CONTACT REVERSE
Door starts down, then stops and goes back up.• Check “STB" system for beam obstruction or misalignment of lenses
• Check “STB” diagnostic code.
• Check “CLOSE FORCE” adjustment.
Door will only run closed.• Check OPEN limit switch for short and proper wiring.
• Check “OPEN FORCE” adjustment.
• Check door condition and door spring.
Door will only run open.• Check “STB” system
• Check CLOSE limit switch for short and proper wiring.
• Check “CLOSE FORCE” adjustment
Lights will not go out.• Disconnect and reconnect wires on wall control
• Check wiring.
• Incompatible wall control.
Door starts up, but stops before it’s completely open.• Be sure door, operator, and springs are in good repair, properly lubricated and balanced
• Check “OPEN" limit switch setting.
• Check “OPEN FORCE” adjustment.
Operator runs, but door does not move• Make sure carriage is engaged to carriage slide.
- place carriage lever in lock position.
• Check force adjustment. Door operator will NOT run more than 30 seconds each way if door does not move.
Remote control has less than 25 feet operating range.• Relocate remote control inside car.
• Point remote control at garage door.
• Replace battery.
• Reposition door operator antenna.
• DO NOT attempt to relune remote controls.
Operator works from wall control, but not from remote control.• Program remote control code into receiver memory.
• Replace remote control battery with good one.
Noisy operation.• Be sure all fasteners are tight.
• Be sure door and operator is in good repair, properly lubricated and balanced
If an operational problem exists, and operator will not run closed. The operator can be forced to close as shown below
Safe-T-BearrT system malfunction.• Disconnect the “STB” system from the operator.
• Hold the wall control button down until door is completely closed.
Use self-diagnostic 'STB” system Troubleshooting information to maintain safe operation.

The Python line of garage door openers is among the most known products manufactured by the Overhead Door Company. The line includes several products with a wide variety of options.

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