Powermaster Gate Opener Troubleshooting

Take a look at the 2 tables below. The information, presented there can help you in Powermaster Gate Opener troubleshooting. The tables are devoted to 2 different models of this brand. Simplicity of identifying the problems and possible ways to solve them will help you to save time and money and fix the problem yourself, without the help of a repairman.

Powermaster ASW Gate Opener Troubleshooting

Error indicationError causeHowto clear
En 00, continuous alarm beeper, gate disabledTwo safety reversals (on single gate or on either dual gate)Press stop button
En 01, and max run led. Continuous alarm beeper. Gate disabledMaximum run timer exceeded on openingPress stop button.
Clears continuous alarm. Then double beep every 5 seconds until next operation
En O2, and max run led, continuous alarm beeper, gate disabledMaximum run timer exceeded on closingPress stop button,
Clears continuous alarm, then double beep every 5 seconds until next operation
En 03, and comm link led. Continuous alarm beeper for 1 minute. Gate disabled (except for fire dept input)Comm link failurePress stop button. Clears continuous alarm
En 04, gate disabledGate full open resulting from fire dept inputPress stop button
En 05. Gate disabledFail safe or fail secure because of battery voltage drop below 21.6 vdc due to ac power lossBattery voltage must rise above 24 vdc
En 06, gate disabledOther controller in entrapment (dual gate)Clear entrapment on other controller (press stop)
En 07, gate disabledLow ac voltage at controllerRestore ac power to normal level
En 08, gate disabledInput triggered during entrapment lockoutPress stop button
En 09, gate disabledCompatibility problemUpdate firmware and reset both paired controllers
En 10, gate disabledEeprom problemTry reset. Call tech. Support
En 11, gate disabledDc motor mismatchReprogram motor type or change dc motor board, next gate movement will retry dc motor check
En l2, gate disabledMotor failureCall tech. Support
En 13Ac power loss in open or close immediate power fail modeReapply ac power
En nMaximum run timer exceeded after ac power lossBattery voltage must rise above 24 volts
Fast beeps during prestart, fast beep run alarm, chirp every 5 seconds at idleMgt supervisory condition (tamper, low battery, missing hourly status)Clears when mgt condition clears

Powermaster GJ Gate Opener Troubleshooting

Motor runs but door does not moveDoor jammed or obstructed.Check manual operation of door.
Sprocket key missiing Disconnect engagedCheck door sprocket.
Release disconnect chain from chain lock.
Limit switches do not hold settingDrive chain too loose; permits chain to jump teethAdjust chain to proper tension.
Limit nuts binding on screw, causing them to jump position on retaining bracket.Check for free rotation on limit screw. Lubricate screw or replace nuts if threads are defective.
Limit nut retaining bracket not engaging notches in nuts.Set nuts and be sure bracket is in notch on each nut.
Limit sprocket looseCheck set screws
Door drifts when operator shuts off.Door tension incorrect.Disconnect operator and check operation of door.
Motor hums — does not run.Dead phase (3 Phase).Check power supply.
Centrifugal Switch (1 Phase)Lubricate switch or change motor
‘Door locked or jammed.Check door. Try manual operation.
Motor does not run when open or dose wall button is pressed.Building fuse blown or circuit breaker tripped.Check power supply fuses, drcuit breakers, disconned switch, check for cause.
Overload protedor tripped.Reset and check for cause.
NOTE: To isolate cause, operate contactor solenoid plunger manually. If motor runs, cause is in push button circuit.Check pushbutton circuits. Check push button wiring. Check transformer for 24volt output. For technical support call
Operator doses door when ’’open' button is pressed, and limit switches do not function property.On three phase operators power supply is connected out of phase.Interchange connections of any two power supply leads.
Operator not installed correctly.Remount operator so that motor is “up" or toward door wall or contad fadory as to wiring changes required.
Operator fails to shut off at fully open dosed position.On three phase operators power supply is connected out of phaseCheck phase as above.
Limit nuts not adjusted
Defective limit switch.Operate limit switch manually while door is moving to determine if switch is operative.
Single phase operator (without instant reverse motor). Stuck push button or short in control wiring.If door overrides up limit, check down button and circuit. If door overrides down limit, check open button and circuit.
Limit drive chain broken or inoperative.Replace chain, check limit sprocket set screws for tightness.

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