Menards garage doors opener troubleshooting

Even those who use reliable and expensive garage door openers sooner or later find themselves in a situation when the device is not working properly. The table below was created to help you understand what the reason is, what part of the device is to blame, and discover possible troubleshooting solutions.

ProblemPossible Cause / Solution
Opener does not close and beepsThe Photo Eye may be obstructed, not properly aligned or installed, check connection and alignment referring.
Opener does not respond to Transmitter- Make to reprogram transmitter.
- Check Transmitter battery.
Opener stops before reaching full open / close positionTravel Limit is not properly adjusted, check adjustment referring. Conduct Safety Reverse Test after ANY adjustment.
The door reverses unintentionally- Make sure the Photo Eye Safety System is aligned and clear of obstructions.
- Make to reset Travel Limits and Travel Force.
The door reverses upon touching the floor and the courtesy light flashesMake to reset Travel Limits and Travel Force.
The Opener does not close the door and the indicator on one of the Photo Eyes flashesThe Photo Eye Safety System is misaligned or obstructed
The Opener is working properly but the courtesy light does not turn onReplace light bulb (A19 incandescent Max.lOOW).
The courtesy light does not turn offDefective Logic Board.
The Opener hums as the Trolley hits the Trolley Stop Bolt in open travel1. Disconnect the Trolley by using the Emergency Release.
2. Close the door manually.
3. Relieve the belt tension by loosening both the belt connector and the Flange Nut.
4. Operate the Opener so the Trolley Shaft travels towards the door (Trolley should be kept disconnected).
5. Make to reset UP Limit.
6. Make to re-tighten the belt until it is 1/4” (6mm). above the base of rail .
7. Repeat the above steps if the Trolley still hits the Stop Bolt.

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