MasterCraft Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting

Below there are 2 tables that will be a great manual for owners of MasterCraft Garage Door Opener. The first table provides information about the MasterCraft 046-0266-0 – potential problems and possible solutions. The second table is dedicated to the MasterCraft 046-0265-2 troubleshooting, which problems you could easily identify by light flashing.

MasterCraft 046-0266-0 Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting

Problem Solution
Opener does not operate from either wall console or remote.• Check the opener’s AC outlet has power. Plug a lamp into the outlet to check. If it does not turn on, check fuse box or circuit breaker.
• Check the wall console wiring at the wall console's and opener’s terminals, and be sure the remote is programmed into the opener.
Opener tries to operate, but the door does not move.• A door spring may have been broken. Visually inspect the door hardware for any broken springs. Have a qualified garage door service professional repair the door if any door hardware is broken.
• In cold weather climates, check that the door is not frozen to the ground or that snow build-up is not blocking the door.
Opener operates from remote but not from wall console.• Ensure the wiring connections are correct.
• Is the wall console lit? If not, disconnect low voltage wires to wall button and momentarily touch them together. If opener runs, replace wall button. If not, check wiring connections at opener and check wire for shorts or breaks under wire holder.
Opener operates from wall console but not remote.• Is the wall console in lock mode?
• Does remote indicator light glow when remote button is pressed? If not, replace the battery.
• Has the opener learned the code of the remote?
Door does not open completely.• Is something obstructing the door? Remove obstructions after ensuring the door area is free of persons and any other objects.
• If door has been working properly but now doesn’t open all the way, reset the travel limit adjustment. Be sure to run
a complete opening and closing cycles to reset the force adjustment as well.
Door does not close completely.• Is something obstructing the safety beam sensor? Ensure the receiving beam sensor’s LED is on.
• Is something obstructing the door? Remove obstructions after ensuring the door area is free of persons and any other objects.
• If the door has been working properly but, now, doesn’t open all the way, reset the travel limits. Be sure to run a complete opening and closing cycle to reset the force adjustment.
Opener light stays on.• It is normal for the opener’s light to stay on for about 3 minutes after each activation.
• If the opener’s light was turned on by the light button on the wall console, it will stay on until the light button is pressed again to turn the light off.
Opener activates by itself.• Check all remotes programmed into the opener. Check for items pressing on any remote’s button.
• If a remote has been stolen, erase the opener’s memory to prevent the lost remote from activating the opener. Reprogram the remaining remotes into the opener
• Check the wiring between the wall console and the opener. Look for any wire holder that has cut into the wire’s insulation, or wire that has been pinched by another object. Replace any bad wiring.
• Examine the wiring at the opener’s terminals and at the wall console's terminals. Look for any wire strands that are close to or touching adjacent terminals.
Door reverses for no apparent reason.• The door hardware may be binding causing the close door force setting to be exceeded. Disengage the trolley and manually check the door movement and balance. Lubricate the door hardware as recommended by the garage door manufacturer.
• Re-adjust the travel limits and force adjustments to ensure the automatic force adjustment are set properly.
• Ensure the safety beam sensor is securely fastened and no sunlight is shining directly onto the receiving sensor.
Opener is noisy.• Adjust the belt tension
• Lubricate the door hardware as recommended by the garage door manufacturer.
Opener won’t work due to power failure.• Use the emergency release handle to disconnect the opener from the door. The door can be opened or closed manually until power is restored.

MasterCraft 046-0265-2 Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting

LED Light FlashingLED Display FlashingSymptomSolution
3 FlashesLThe wall console is in lock mode. The remote controls are deactivated.• Unlock the wall console.
5 FlashesOOvertime. The motor is running continuously over 30 seconds in one direction.• Ensure the opener is correctly installed and attached to the garage door.
• Adjust the travel limit to let the opener open or close the door within 30 seconds.
10 FlashesbSafety beam sensor blocked.• Check if the safety beam sensor is misaligned.
• Check if any obstacle is interfering with the beam path.
15 FlashesFThe door is not fully open or fully closed.• Check if something is obstructing the door.
• Re-adjust the travel limits.
• Re-adjust the opening and closing force.
Continuous FlashingCWall console wire shorted.• Check the wall console wires for a short.

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