Marantec garage door opener


The German manufacturer Marantec is one of the best companies manufacturing various types of gate automation systems. The devices of this brand are distinguished by easy care, great resource of work and duration of exploitation.

Founded 1997
Headquarters Centerpoint Ct, Gurnee, United States

Founded in the 1950s in Germany, Marantec has expanded to the rest of Europe and settled in the United States in 1997. Marantec is a family business. Throughout its life, Marantec has developed a variety of high-tech door openers, which are good for both home and industrial use.

As long as the company uses technologies originating in Germany, its garage doors, as well as Marantec garage door openers boast exceptional reliability, safety, user-friendliness, and quietness. Also, Marantec door openers incorporate LED lighting, which substantially reduces energy consumption. Thanks to these characteristics, Marantec garage door openers sell very well in about 50 countries. The firm has subsidiaries in Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa. Marantec hires a team of experienced, skilled, and devoted engineers and technicians. The company sells its products via a network of authorized dealers, which has expanded worldwide.

Marantec is open for direct contact all the time. The company takes great care to ensure quality and satisfaction. Therefore, Marantec garage door troubleshooting is a kind of rescue service, which comes running when a customer faces a problem.