Linear garage door opener


For about 50 years, the company Linear has been producing high quality garage door products. It is trusted by more and more customers. Having a rich range of garage door openers, this acclaimed manufacturer always answers the evolving needs of its customers, creating innovative products.

Founded 1961
Headquarters Tallahassee, United States
Parent GTO Access Systems

The history of Linear Pro Access, the manufacturer of a renowned brand of garage door openers, began in the 1980s. One day, the founder rode up to the gate of his ranch, which he had purchased lot long before, and realized that having to get out of his car every time he needed to open/close the gate was no longer acceptable for him. He studied the technology and designed an affordable garage door opener. That was how the Mighty Mule® E-Z Gate® brand made its way into the world. Since the foundation of Linear Pro Access, thousands of Linear garage door openers were sold in Americas and overseas.

Today, it is one of the top manufacturers of door opening systems. Linear garage door openers feature advanced systems and remote control options, and new ones are coming (GTO/PRO, GTO/ACCESS, etc.) The company’s products have proved to be great both for home and industrial use.

Linear Pro Access does its uttermost to maintain high quality of its products by incorporating sophisticated technical solutions. Also, it provides all sorts of customer and maintenance services and maintains direct contact with customers to enable Linear garage door opener troubleshooting. For Linear Pro Access, customer satisfaction is a number-one thing!