Linear garage door opener troubleshooting

Linear Pro Access is a well-known brand of gate and garage door operators. The company has been working in this sphere since 1961.

If you notice strange symptoms or a trouble code shown by the lamp flashes, turn to the Linear garage door opener manual below. Do not be afraid to start Linear garage door troubleshooting by yourself.

The hardest part of the job is almost always obtaining parts. But in case of Linear products, parts are less of a problem than for other brands. The company uses many of the same parts model to model, which makes Linear garage door repair easier.

Lamp flashes trouble codeProblemCauseRemedy
1 flashNo problemRemote control entered into memoryAdd any additional remote controls (Mega Code™ type only)
2 flashesDoor won’t closeShorted wall station wiresCheck wall station wires. Be sure both are connected to the terminal screws. Check for a staple in the wall station wires. Remove any staples compressing the wire.
3 flashesDoor won’t closeSafety beam obstacleCheck for obstacles. Align the safety beam (Section 4)
4 flashesDoor reverses or won’t open or closeOpen or Close force exceeded, or motor thermal shutdownCheck for binding or un-balanced door.
Adjust the door force (Section 6). If motor had thermal shutdown, wait 30 minutes and retry.
5 flashesDoor won’t open from transmitterRemote was activated while vacation switch was lockedUnlock vacation switch on wall station
6 flashesMotor ran longer than 30 secondsMechanical or electronic failureCall your local garage door professional

ProblemPossible causeCorrective action
Unable to include in Z-Wave network.GD00Z-4 was not properly excluded from a previous Z-Wave network.1. Reset the GD00Z-4 by pressing the LINK button 5 times. A quick beep followed by a longer beep will indicate the reset.
The GD00Z-4 does not flash or beep when activated.No power to the GD00Z-4.1. Make sure the power supply is plugged in securely to a live outlet.
2. Make sure the power cord is plugged in securely to the GD00Z-4.
The GD00Z-4 flashes and beeps when activated but the door does not move.Obstruction blocking the door or incorrect wiring.1. Make sure that there are no obstacles preventing the door from moving.
2. Make sure that the GD00Z-4 connection wires are connected to the proper terminals on the garage door opener. Trace the wires from the garage door opener’s pushbutton wall console to the door opener. This is where the GD00Z-4 connection wires should be connected.
Garage door opens or closes, but the status does not change on the Z-Wave Controller.The tilt sensor signal is not being received by the GD00Z-4.1. Make sure the tilt sensor is mounted correctly on the garage door, with the arrow pointing up.
2. Make sure the battery pull tab has been removed from the tilt sensor.
3. Replace the battery in the tilt sensor.