How to Adjust a Binding Garage Door by Yourself

This issue is usually a result of improper garage door installation. A binding door is quite an uncommon problem, but this does not mean that it is difficult to resolve. On the contrary, it is one of the easiest types of garage door repairs.


Why does your garage door bind?

When the distance between the trim board and the door is too short, it is possible that the door starts binding. Binding usually takes place when the door is almost closed. You can move the track a bit away from the frame thus making this distance longer. The only exception (the top roller) is discussed at the end of the article.

How to fix a binding garage door

To begin with, take a closer look at the door while it is closing. Do you notice that it is not sealing on the bottom? Can you see a gap between the door and the floor? If yes, try pulling the door down manually and see if it helps to close the gap.

Check whether the door is bound at the top. Open it and take a closer look at the trim. You will probably notice that the trim is sticking in past the frame.

You can just shim the top bracket so as to pull it away from the door frame. This solution only makes sense when the distance is very short (not more than two flat washers thick). Loosen the top clip and place a flat washer between the metal plate and the door. Repeat for each of the 3-4 screws securing the roller assembly in place.

Try operation of the door. If you are not satisfied with the result, try adding one more washer. Going beyond two washers is probably not the best choice.

If two washers do not help, just resolve the issue in the other way: chisel away the excess wood from the trim board. You need to achieve the point when the board is at the same level as the frame. Now, the door should seal without any problem.

What to do if it does not help?

The steps above cannot be used if you need to adjust the clip securing the top roller in place. The screw holes are not slotted. When you close the door manually, push a bit more at the end. This is definitely not the most convenient thing to do, but it works.

If you use an automatic garage door opener, it will be more difficult to resolve the issue, as not all the motors are powerful enough to push the door down up to the end.

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