Challenger garage door opener troubleshooting

Although E.T. Systems provide high quality products, Challenger garage door repair may be necessary at times. In this case you may refer to a Challenger garage door opener manual for help. Alternatively, you may use the table below. The Challenger garage door troubleshooting information that it contains will be enough to understand the type of the issue judging by the signals from the red and green LEDs.

Allister 3000 garage door opener troubleshooting

Diagnostic conditionRed ledGreen led
Normal OperationOffOff
Learn ModeOn
Memory FullOn for 25 sec, auto off
Decode RF SignalShort fast blink
Shorted Push Button or Wire to ButtonOffOn
Photobeam ObstructionFast blink
Contact ReverseFast blinkOff
Stuck RelaySlow blink
Stuck Open LimitOffSlow blink

Garage door operators sold under the Challenger brand are made by E.T. Systems. This South-African company designs, manufactures and sells electronic security equipment and accessories. If was established in 1989.

Challenger 9300 garage door opener troubleshooting

Mechanical door lock enabledDisable or remove all door locks.
120 Volt power not present at outletCheck wall switch, fuse box, circuit breaker, etc.
Broken or shorted Push Button, wiring or radio receiverRemove Push Button wiring and Radio Receiver from the terminal strip on the back panel of the operator. Activate Opener by momentarily connecting Terminals 1 & 2 with a test wire. If Opener runs, reconnect items one at a time to find defective circuit. Replace.
Grid lock on Motor Control BoardUnplug Opener, then reconnect.
Motor Thermal Overload Protector openedWait 30 minutes for Motor to cool, try again.
Door jammed due to broken or incorrectly adjusted springEnsure that door is in a closed position. Activate Emergency Release Mechanism. If Opener will run without door attached, contact your Allstar garage door professional to repair door.
Defective Motor Control BoardContact your local Allstar garage door professional.
Weak Battery in TransmitterReplace Battery.
Radio Coding Switches mismatchedReset Switches to identical codes.
Improper placement of Limit Stops on ChainCorrectly place of Limit Stops.
Door obstructedRemove all obstructions from door area.
Defective Transmitter or ReceiverContact your Allstar garage door professional.
Up sensitivity force improperly adjustedAdjust sensitivity.
Down sensitivity' force improperly adjustedAdjust sensitivity.
Bottom of door frozen to groundActivate Emergency Release, clear away ice.
Ice and snow built up under doorClear away ice and snow to allow door to close.
Someone in area with identical codeReset all radio controls to new code.
Defective or burned out lamp bulbReplace with rough service bulb (60W max.)
Radio Receiver not receiving signalEnsure that antenna wire from Opener is pointing straight down toward the floor.
Transmitter location in carEnsure Transmitter is clipped to sun visor. If it is clipped to dashboard or in ashtray, etc., range will be diminished.

Garage door opener not working easy fix

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