Challenger garage door opener troubleshooting

Garage door operators sold under the Challenger brand are made by E.T. Systems. This South-African company designs, manufactures and sells electronic security equipment and accessories. If was established in 1989.

Although E.T. Systems provide high quality products, Challenger garage door repair may be necessary at times. In this case you may refer to a Challenger garage door opener manual for help. Alternatively, you may use the table below. The Challenger garage door troubleshooting information that it contains will be enough to understand the type of the issue judging by the signals from the red and green LEDs.

Diagnostic conditionRed ledGreen led
Normal OperationOffOff
Learn ModeOnOff
Memory FullOn for 25 sec, auto offOff
Decode RF SignalShort fast blinkOff
Shorted Push Button or Wire to ButtonOffOn
Photobeam ObstructionOffFast blink
Contact ReverseFast blinkOff
Stuck RelaySlow blinkOff
Stuck Open LimitOffSlow blink