Allister garage door opener troubleshooting

Allister garage door repair may seem like a difficult task if you do not possess relevant experience of training. However, in fact it is easier than it seems. Even if you do not have an Allister garage door opener manual, you will find enough information in the Allister garage door troubleshooting chart below.

SymptomProbable cause/solution
Operator does not activate (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7)(15)
Operates with pushbutton but not with radio control(8)(9)(21)(22)(23)(7-Models 310/510)
Stops before reaching full Open or Closed position(3)(5)(6)(10)(11)(12)(13)(14)(23)
Reverses before reaching full Close position (6) (11)(14)
Reverses after door closes and contacts floor (16)(17)
Door opens and closes by itself (3)(12)(18)(23)
Light will not come on (19)(7)
Light will not turn off after operator runs (20) (7)
Transmitter has short range (8)(21)(22)(23)(7-Models 310/510)
1. Mechanical door lock enabled1. Disable or remove all door locks.
2. 120 Volt power not present at outlet2. Check wall switch, fuse, circuit breaker, etc.
3. Broken or shorted pushbutton, wiring or radio receiver(Model 710)3. Remove pushbutton wiring and radio receiver (Model 710) from the terminal strip on the back panel of the operator. Activate operator by momentarily connecting Terminals 1 & 2 with a test wire. If operator runs, reconnect items one at a time to find defective circuit. Replace.
4. Grid lock on motor control board4. Unplug operator, then reconnect.
5. Motor thermal overload protector opened5. Wait 30 minutes for motor to cool, try again.
6. Door jammed due to broken or incorrectly adjusted spring6. Ensure that door is in a closed position. Activate emergency release mechanism. If operator will run without door attached, contact your Allister garage door professional to repair door.
7. Defective motor control board7. Contact your local Allister garage door professional.
8. Weak battery in transmitter8. Replace battery.
9. Coding switches mismatched9. Reset switches to identical codes
10. Improper placement of limit cams on chain10. Correctly place placement of Limit Stops.
11. Door obstructed11. Remove all obstructions from door area.
12. Transmitter button stuck open12. Check transmitters to see if an indicator light is on at all times. If so, free button from casing.
13. Up sensitivity force improperly adjusted13. Adjust sensitivity.
14. Down sensitivity force improperly adjusted14. Adjust sensitivity.
15. Bottom of door frozen to ground15. Activate emergency release, clear away ice.
16. Ice and snow built up under door16. Clear away ice and snow to allow door to close.
17. Floor risen or sunk from weather change17. Reset down limit cam.
18. Someone in area with identical code18. Reset all radio controls with to new code.
19. Defective or burned out lamp bulb19. Replace with rough service bulb (60W max.)
20. Accidental push of light button on Deluxe Walt Station20. Push light button, light should go out. Activate operator, light should remain on for 4.5 minutes and then go out automatically.
21. Radio receiver not receiving signal21. Ensure that antenna wire from operator is pointing straight down toward the floor.
22. Transmitter location in car22. Ensure transmitter is clipped to sun visor. If it is clipped to dashboard or in ashtray, etc., range will be diminished.
23. Defective transmitter or receiver23. Contact your Allister garage door professional.

Products sold under the Allister brand are made by Allstar commercial operators. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of radio controls for the door and gate industries. The product range consists of residential and commercial radio controls. Models with three button open-close-stop functions are among the latest innovations.

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