Whisper garage door opener troubleshooting

A garage door opener is a comparatively simple device that can be often troubleshooted by a person without much relevant experience. Sometimes, the solution is as easy as just moving the remote within range of the garage door opener or replacing the battery, while in other cases you’ll need an expert Whisper troubleshooting guide, like the one below.

My door will not close and the light bulbs blink on my motor unit: The safety reversing sensor must be connected and aligned correctly before the garage door opener will move in the down direction.
• Verify the safety reversing sensors are properly installed, aligned and free of any obstructions.
• Check diagnostic LED for flashes on the motor unit
My remotes will not activate the door:• Verify your Multi-Function Door Control is not blinking. If it is blinking, deactivate the Lock Mode following the instructions for Using the Multi-Function Door Control.
• Reprogram remotes following the programming instructions.
• If remote will still not activate your door, check diagnostic LED for flashes on motor unit
My door reverses for no apparent reason:Repeat safety reverse test after adjustments to force or travel limits. The need for occasional adjustment for the force and limit settings is normal. Weather conditions in particular can affect door travel.
• Manually check door for balance or any binding problems.
My door reverses for no apparent reason after fully closing and touching the floor:Repeat safety reverse test after adjustments to force or travel limits. The need for occasional adjustment for the force and limit settings is normal. Weather conditions in particular can affect door travel.
• Go to Adjustment Step 1, Adjust the UP and DOWN Travel Limits. Decrease down travel by turning down limit adjustment screw clockwise.
My lights will not turn off when door is open:• The garage door opener is equipped with a security light feature. This feature activates the light on when the safety reversing sensor beam has been obstructed.
My motor unit hums briefly:• First verify that the trolley is against the stop bolt.
• Release the door from the opener by pulling the Emergency Release Rope.
• Manually bring the door to a closed position.
• Loosen the belt by adjusting the outer nut 4 to 5 turns. This relieves the tension.
• Run the motor unit from the remote control or door control. The trolley should travel towards the door and stop. If the trolley re-engages with the door, pull the Emergency Release Rope to disengage.
• Decrease the UP travel by turning the UP Travel adjustment screw 2 full turns awayUom the arrow.
• Re-Tighten the outer nut until the trolley spring is approximately 1-1/4" (3.18 cm) in length.
• If the trolley does not move away from the bolt, repeat the steps above.
1 flash
Safety reversing sensors wire open (broken or disconnected).
2 flashes
Safety reversing sensors wire shorted or black/white wire reversed.
One or both of the Indicator lights on the safety sensors do not glow steady.
• Inspect sensor wires for a short (staple in wire), correct wiring polarity (black/white wires reversed), broken or disconnected wires, replace/attach as needed.
• Disconnect all wires from back of motor unit.
• Remove sensors from brackets and shorten sensor wires to 1-2 ft (30-60 cm) from back each of sensor.
• Reattach sending eye to motor unit using shortened wires. If sending eye indicator light glows steadily, attach the receiving eye.
• Align sensors, if the indicator lights glow replace the wires for the sensors. If the sensor indicator lights do not light, replace the safety sensors.
3 flashes
Door control or wire shorted.
LED is not lit on door control.
• Inspect door control/wires for a short (staple in wire), replace as needed.
• Disconnect wires at door control, touch wires together. If motor unit activates, replace door control.
• If motor unit does not activate, disconnect door control wires from motor unit. Momentarily short across red and white terminals with jumper wire. If motor unit activates, replace door control wires.
4 flashes
Safety reversing sensors slightly misaligned (dim or flashing LED).
Sending indicator light glows steadily, receiving indicator light is dim or flashing.
• Realign receiving eye sensor, clean lens and secure brackets.
• Verify door track is firmly secured to wall and does not move.
5 flashes
Motor overheated or possible RPM sensor failure. Unplug to reset.
Motor has overheated; the motor unit does not operate or trolley is stuck on stop bolt = Motor unit hums briefly; RPM Sensor = Short travel 6-8" (15-20 cm).
• Unplug unit to reset. Try to operate motor unit, check diagnostic code.
• If it is still flashing 5 times and motor unit moves 6-8" (15-20 cm), replace RPM sensor.
• If motor unit doesn’t operate, motor unit is overheated. Wait 30 minutes and retry. If motor unit still will not operate replace logic board.
6 flashes
Motor Circuit Failure. Replace Receiver Logic Board.
Motor unit doesn 7 operate.
• Replace logic board because motor rarely fails.

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