What to do With Garage Door Torsion Springs?

You have probably heard that garage door torsion springs are really dangerous to work with and that they are usually left for professional repairmen. The reason is that you can only replace or adjust them when they are under tension (the door is closed). The most hazardous manipulation is releasing the set screw: at this point you need to have a rod in place and be holding it so as to control the force of the spring. Even if you are an experienced do-it-yourselfer, it is a very risky operation, as even professional garage door repair techs with good knowledge and skills are sometimes injured, despite their best efforts.

What to do With Garage Door Torsion Springs

That is why we do not publish instructions on replacing or adjusting garage door torsion springs.

However, some homeowners insist on doing everything themselves. Is this the case with you? If yes, it is not a problem to find instructions online. But before you do, estimate your background in engineering and repair, as well as your tools. And, what is of the uttermost importance, consider the risk of being seriously hurt.

Tips for hiring a repairman for garage door torsion springs replacement or adjustment

Before you phone a repairman, write down exactly what’s wrong with your garage door. Are the springs really broken (they should be in two pieces) or just need adjustment? Write down the width and height of your door, as well as its type.

When you call, ask about the cycle ratings of the springs the service company is going to install (in case your springs are broken). The cycle ratings vary from 10,000 to 100,000. It is closely connected with the lifetime of the springs. Typically, the springs with better cycle ratings cost not much more, but last a lot longer than the springs of worse quality.