Merlin garage door troubleshooting

Garage doors are a complex construction, many elements of which often fail as the result of prolonged use. You can eliminate some of the malfunctions on your own simply by replacing an element or lubricating the tracks. Read about the most common causes of a breakage of garage door mechanisms below.

1. Opener doesn't operate from either door control or remote:• Does the opener have electric power? Plug lamp into outlet. If it doesn't light, check the fuse box or the circuit breaker. (Some outlets are controlled by a wall switch.)
• Have you disengaged all door locks?
• Is there a build-up of ice or snow under door? The door may be frozen to ground. Remove any obstruction.
• The garage door spring may be broken. Have it replaced.
2. Door operates from door control but not from remote:• Replace batteries in the remote if necessary.
• If you have two or more remotes and only one operates, review Program Your Opener, Remote and Keyless Entry.
3. Remote has short range:• Check the battery in the remote is fully charged.
• Change the location of the remote control in the car.
• A metal garage door, foil-backed insulation or metal siding will reduce the transmission range.
4. Door reverses for no apparent reason and opener light flashes 10 times:• Check The Protector System™ (if you have installed this accessory). If the light is flashing, correct alignment. If the Protector System™ is installed and needs to be removed, the Opener will need to be reprogrammed as follows:
• Remove the IR Beam wiring from the Opener
• Turn the power OFF for 5 seconds
• Turn the power ON for 5 seconds
• Again turn the power OFF for 5 seconds
• Turn the power back on and test the opener for normal operation.
5. The garage door opens and closes by itself:• Make sure remote push button is not stuck "on".
• Delete transmitter codes to eliminate possible faulty remotes.
6. Door stops but doesn't close completely:Repeat Programming the Travel Limits. Repeat safety reverse test after any adjustment of door arm length, close force or down limit adjustments.
7. Door opens but won't close:• Check The Protector System™ (if you have installed this accessory). If the light on the Beams are flashing, correct the alignment.
• If opener light does not flash and it is a new installation, repeat Programming the Travel Limits. Repeat the safety reverse test after the adjustment is complete.
8. Opener strains:Door may be unbalanced or springs are broken. Close door and use manual release rope and handle to disconnect trolley. Open and close door manually. A properly balanced door will stay in any point of travel while being supported entirely by its springs. If it does not, call for professional garage door service to correct the problem.
9. Opener hums briefly, then won't work:• Garage door springs are broken.
• If problem occurs on first operation of opener, door is locked. Disable door lock. Repeat safety reverse test after adjustment is complete.
10. Opener won't activate due to power failure:• Pull manual release rope and handle down once to disconnect trolley. Door can be opened and closed manually. When the power is restored, the next time the opener is activated, the trolley will re-connect.
• The Outside Quick Release accessory (if fitted) disconnects the trolley from outside the garage in case of power failure.
11. The opener runs, but the carriage does not move:• Check the carriage is not disengaged from the opener. Operate the opener to reengage the trolley.
• In a new installation, the preassembled Motor Shaft Adapter may have fallen out of the chain sprocket assembly. This adapter is installed during the manufacturing process and may have dislodged.