Lynx Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting

Lynx 455 Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting

SymptomsProbable Cause/Solution
Opener does not work from either the transmitter or push button.
Opener does not start on command and light flashes for 30 seconds1.4,5,7.8.11,12,,18,22.23.24
Opener stops during cycle and light flashes 5 times6
Opener operates from push button but not radio9,14,20,21,25
Stops before reaching full open or closed10.15
Reverses when the door makes contact with the floor10
Light flashes 5 times but the opener does not start26
Light does not come on5.19
Light will not turn off (Light stays on)5
1. Mechanical garage door lock is engaged1. Remove all locks from the garage door
2. Power is not present at outlet.2. Check circuit breakers, fuse box and GFI receptacle
3. Shorted or defective push button.3. Remove push button from wall and disconnect wires from the push button (activate transmitter). If the operator works from transmitter replace push button.
4. Bell-wire is shorted4. Disconnect bell wire from the terminal stripe on the back of the power head (activate transmitter).
5 Malfunctioning logic board5. Unplug operator at power outlet and then reconnect. Consult repairman to replace logic board.
6. Thermal overload breaker protection has been activated.6. Allow time for motor to cool down (15 to 30 minutes depending on temperature in the garage). Thermal breaker automatically resets itself.
7. Garage door springs are out of balance7. Consult service repairman to balance or replace springs.
8. Garage door is jammed.8. Operate garage door manually; disconnect opener by
pulling red cord on the trolley. Look for binding or jamming of the garage door. Consult service repairman.
9. Weak transmitter battery9. Replace 12-volt battery in the transmitter by removing the screws on the backside of the transmitter case and pulling the case open to expose battery.
11. Photo eyes are obstructed (light flashes 30 seconds)11 Check for obstructions between the photo eyes and remove obstruction.
12. Photo eyes ore out of alignment (light flashes 30 seconds)12 Check red LED inside the lens of the receiver photo eye ( photo eye with 4 wires). Led will light up when photo eyes are aligned properly.
13. Photo eye bell wire is shorted (light flashes 30 seconds) 13 Replace existing bell wire with new. Make sure that insulated staples do not short wire.
14. Defective transmitter or receiver14 Contact your local dealer.
15. Up force/sensitivity out of adjustment15 Adjust up force/sensitivity
16. Down force/sensitivity out of adjustment16 Adjust down force/sensitivity
17. Bottom of garage door frozen to the ground17. Free bottom of the door from the ice.
18. Foreign object on the floor such as ice or snow18. Clear all foreign objects from under the door.
19. Defective light bulb19. Replace with rough service bulb of 60 watts or less.
20. Radio receiver is not receiving the radio signal 20. Point wire antenna straight down towards the floor. Ensure radio signal (transmitter) has a direct line of site to the receiver. Radio signals do not pas through metal objects but do penetrate glass.
21. Location of radio transmitter21. Contact your local dealer.
22. Defective RPM counter board.22. Contact your local dealer.
23. Defective programming board23. Contact your local dealer.
24. Defective photo eyes24. Contact your local dealer.
25. Defective transmitter25. Contact your local dealer.
26. Vacation switch is activated on the deluxe 3 function wall stations.26. Switch back to Vacation off position.