How to Replace a Garage Door Track by Yourself

If the garage door track is bent or rusted, it can keep the door from opening and closing correctly. Replacing the track will solve the problem. This task takes some time and effort, but it isn’t really hard. It is better to have someone to help you as the door is very heavy.

You may purchase replacement track in a home supply store or online. A garage door consists of 2 straight pieces and 2 pieces with a curved part on one end. The track assembly, in its turn, includes 2 parts bolted together. Before you start working, unplug the garage door opener so that no one will accidentally use it.

Start with removing the rollers and hinge pins. Sometimes you can remove the pins out of the rollers, while in other models of garage doors you will have to unscrew the whole bracket. Now you can remove the spring that keeps the door raised.

Move the door

If possible, try to take the garage door out of the way without making any damage to the other track. In case you cannot do this, you will have to remove the hinges and pins on the other side, too, before you can move the door out of the way.

Remove the old track

Mark the position of the old track using a permanent marker. It will give you a chance to place the new track properly.

Remove the bolts used to attach the track to the angle. Start at the bottom and move up, bending the end of the track. This order will keep the track from falling on you.

Put something against the door so as to secure it in place before you start working on the side of the door. Close the door before you begin working with the overhead section of the garage door track.

Align the garage door track

At this moment it makes sense to ask a helper to assist you in aligning the track with the marks that you made when the old track was still in place. Screw in bolts on either side of the top piece, but keep them loose for a while. The bolts should be in the same position as the old ones. Ensure that the track is in the right position using the level. Also, ensure that the door is snugged up to the weatherstripping. Now you may tighten the bolts and finish securing the track to the wall.

Final steps

Reposition your door (you will need a helper). Now you can screw the hinges and rollers. Lubricate the hinge rollers and track with specialized lubricant spray. We recommend lubricating the other track as well, even if you haven’t replaced it.

Before you open the door, ensure that all the screws are tight and everything is aligned.