How to Hire a Garage Door Serviceman

Before you phone a service company, ensure that your springs are really broken (they are in two pieces, they do not work). Jot down the size and type of your garage door.

What to ask over the phone?

The first thing, you need to find out the cost of replacing extension springs. It is really necessary to specify that you need both the springs to be replaced. Because some companies will tell you the quote for one spring over the phone and then charge you double. This scheme is literally criminal and is against law in many states.

It may not be obvious for you that the springs should be replaced in sets. Actually, if one spring needs replacement, it means that the other one will probably break very soon.

Shop around

Get quotes from at least three places. This is probably the hardest part, because one company may masquerade as independent competitors. This scheme is pretty popular. One company has a call center that works with the calls coming from hundreds of ads or Internet sources with different company names. Even one independent repairman may have many ads with different phone numbers.

It is very important that they really name the quote over the phone, because otherwise it is very likely that the repairman will try to overcharge for his work when he shows up.

You are not buying a new door

Make this decision before a serviceman comes. It is very likely that he will try to talk you into buying a new door, and of course he will sound very convincing.

Ask yourself the following question: “Did my door work before the spring broke?” If yes, then why should you replace it? Check our article “15 Garage Door Repair Schemes” to ensure you will only pay for what you need.