How to Fix Garage Door Remote

Garage door remote control is fairly easy to troubleshoot. Even if the device cannot be fixed, you may just replace it.

Remote transmitter antenna

Check the batteries and the antenna first

Yes, the cause of the inconvenience is often that simple. If you cannot open the door with the remote, but can easily do it with the button on the wall, start by replacing the batteries. Two rechargeable batteries give 2.4 volts while the remote is designed to run on 3 volts of power (this is exactly how much power two alkaline batteries produce). This difference in power is enough to reduce the effectiveness of the device.

Also, check for dirty or wet battery contacts. If you notice something wrong, dry and polish the contacts with fine-grit sandpaper or fine steel wool.

If replacing the batteries and cleaning the contacts does not help, try moving the antenna or using the remote from a different place in the car. Chances are that these simple actions will help the signal reach the antenna.

Check the IR eyes

Use a soft damp cloth to wipe the so-called “eyes” (plastic that covers the IR unit on the remote and the receiving unit). If you notice little scratches, polishing with special substances may help. But if the scratches are deep enough, replacement becomes the easiest solution.

Reset the remote

Take the batteries out, wait half a minute and then put them back. In this way you reset your remote control. Now reset the receiver (unplug it for half a minute).

How to program a remote

If none of the troubleshooting tips above works, it is necessary to reprogram the remote. The scheme varies depending on the make and model, so you will have to consult the owner’s manual. If you do not have one, you may search for it online.

If your garage door remote is older than 1993, replacing the opener can be a smart idea as such devices do not have modern safety features and are not supported.

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