HomeLink garage door opener troubleshooting

Any garage door opener will experience issues, sooner or later, and the Homelink devices produced by the Gentex Corporation aren’t an exception. If you find yourself in a situation when either the garage door opener doesn’t operate at all or there’s an unusual symptom, check it out in the tables below. Having found it, carefully read the suggested actions and try the easiest troubleshooting tips first.

HomeLink duo vision 500 garage door opener troubleshooting

FaultPossible causeRemedial action
Drive mechanism inoperative, lamp not litNo mains powerConnect mains supply plug
No control unit installedInstall control unit
Fuse in garage circuit has blownReplace the fuse.
Use a different appliance, e.g. electric drill, to check the supply
Lamp flashesOperator is not programmed, no force values are saved’Teaching' the drive.
Lamp is not lit when door closes and opensBulb defectiveReplace bulb
Fuse of light bulb defectiveReplace fuse
Drive does not functionControl unit installed incorrectlySlot control unit correctly into socket unit
Light barrier interruptedEliminate interruption
Drive does not function when operated using push-buttonBattery in manual remote control is flat Change battery
Manual remote control has not been taught in to radio receiver.Teach in manual remote control
Wrong radio frequencyCheck frequency (40 MHz with wire aerial; 868/434 MHz without external aerial)
Command is permanently present as push-button is jammedRelease push-button or replace manual remote control
Drive does not function when operated using push-buttonPush-button not connected or defective Connect push-button or replace
Door stops when opening, moves approx. 10 cm in reverse direction then stopsObstacle has tripped automatic force switch-offRemove obstacle; open door completely
Incorrect force values "taught" or force tolerance is too lowDelete force values and repeat teach-in procedure
Switch-trigger set incorrectlyReset cut-off buffer
Door defective or door settings incorrect (e.g. spring shaft)Have door adjusted correctly or repaired by a person qualified to do so
Door stops when opening, moves approx. 10 cm in reverse direction then stopsObstacle has tripped automatic force switch-offRemove obstacle. Use push-button to close the door completely
Incorrect force values "taught" or force tolerance is too lowDelete force values and repeat teach-in procedure
Switch-trigger set incorrectlyAdjust switch-trigger
Door stops when openingConnected light barrier interrupted and DIP switch 1 on ONEliminate interruption or set DIP switch 2 to OFF
Operator does not close doorPower supply to photoelectric cell interruptedCheck connection Replace fuse
Drive unit was disconnected from the power supplyThe first command issued after restoration of the mains supply results in the drive opening the gate fully
Drive opens gate but then no further reaction to a command given via push-button or remote controller
Safety input tripped (e.g. photocell defective)Remove obstacle from light barrier
Repair photoelectric cell
Socket unit not plugged in correctly
Door CLOSED limit switch in the trolley defectiveReplace limit switch
The drive closes the door; subsequently no response to pressing of button or radio transmitter“Door OPEN" limit switch in the trolley defectiveReplace limit switch
Connected warning light does not light upFuse defectiveReplace fuse
Bulb defectiveReplace bulb
Opening or closing speed variesOperator starts slowly and then picks up speed“Soft run" mode - completely normal
Chain rail dirtyClean rail and re-lubricate,
Chain rail lubricated with unsuitable oilClean rail and re-lubricate,
Incorrect chain tensionTighten chain;
Operator does not terminate “Learn” sequenceEnd positions set incorrectlyAdjust end positions
Only in units with radio receiver! All LEDs are flashingAll memory positions are occupied (max. 112 positions)Delete all radio control devices no longer in use
Install additional radio receiver
LED 3.1 or 3.2 is continuously onRadio signal is being received;Remove battery from the remote control transmitter
remote control transmitter button might be defective or an external signal is received.Wait until the external signal decays
LED 3.1 or 3.2 is onRadio receiver is in “teaching" mode and expects a code signal from a remote control device.Press desired button on remote control transmitter

HomeLink GLOBE7 garage door opener troubleshooting

ProblemPossible causeRemedy
The automation does not open and close.No power. (POWER ALARM LED off).Check that the control panel is on.
Accessories in short circuit. (POWER ALARM LED flashing).Disconnect all the accessories from the terminals 0-1 (24 V= are required) and reconnect these one at a time.
Line fuse burnt out. (POWER ALARM LED off).Replace the fuse F1.
The stop contact is openCheck terminal 9 of the control panel
The automation opens but does not closeThe safety contacts are open. (SA LED on).Check terminal 8 of the control panel.
The photocells (if fitted) are triggered. (SA LED on).Make sure the photocells are clean and working properly.
Automatic closing does not work.Check the setting of the TC trimmer
The automation fails to open.The automation is closed and the photocells (if fitted) are operative.Make sure the photocells are clean and working properly.
(SA LED on).See jumper SO.
Remote control does not work.Make sure the transmitters have been properly stored on the built-in radio receiver. In case of failure of the radio receiver built in the control panel, the remote control codes can be accessed by extracting the memory module.
Command devices faulty or connections interrupted.Check opening by means of jumper 1-5 of the terminal board control panel.
The external safety devices (if fitted) fail to operate.Wrong connections between the photocells and the control panelConnect the N.C. safety contacts together in series and remove any jumpers on the terminal board of the control panel.
The automation opens/closes for a short distance and then stops.Encoder faulty.Replace the encoder.
(POWER ALARM LED flashing).
Motor leads reversed.Check the motor leads.
(POWER ALARM LED flashing).
There are frictions.Manually make sure the automation is moving freely.
Encoder not connected.Check the connection.
False encoder contacts.Clean the contacts by engaging and disengaging the encoder plug on the contacts.
R1 set too low.Check R1 adjustment.
The radio remote control has a low range and does not work with the automation in motion.Radio transmission is hampered by metal frameworks and reinforced concrete walls.Install the antenna outside. Replace the batteries of the transmitters.