Garage Door Opens by Itself

You are quietly sitting at home while you hear the sound of the garage door opening. If your door opens by itself, you would certainly like to troubleshoot it as soon as possible. It is no uncommon for burglars to enter houses through the garage.

There are several factors that can cause the garage door open unexpectedly.

Misalignment of the safety sensors

Photoelectric reversal system is a safety feature obligatory for the doors made after 1993. When the two photoelectric sensor housings are out of alignment, the door opener may interpret it as an object in the way and open the door. Realign the beam and check the indicator light on the wall panel – it should not blink.

Short in the wiring or a power surge

Check the wiring going to the wall control. Can you notice any cuts in the insulation? If yes, replace the wiring. Sometimes a power surge (caused by a lightning storm, for instance) is to blame. 

The remote is lost or stolen

Hopefully, it is just kids in the neighborhood who are opening the garage door now. Remotes are often stolen from cars parked on the street.

Someone has the same radio frequency

This scenario is not that common, yet possible. The government, including police and military planes, may use the same frequencies for emergency purposes. Someone else within the range can also use your frequency. Erasing all the codes for the transmitters and reprogramming the codes may resolve the issue. You will find the instructions in the owner’s manual.

Sticking button

Ensure the buttons on the wall control are working correctly. In case something is wrong, you may replace it (look for it in a home supply store). Replacing is rather easy as there are just two low voltage wires.