Garador Garage Door Opener troubleshooting

The opener does not work from either the button on the light cover or the hand remote control transmitterGarage door in poor condition e.g. springs may be broken
Manual door lock engaged
The opener does not have power
Check the door for normal operation - see monthly maintenance.
Disengage door locks Plug a device e.g. a lamp, into the power point and check that it is OK.

The motor runs but the door does not moveThe opener is disengagedRe-engage the opener
The opener works from the button on the light cover but not from the hand remote control transmitterThe battery in the remote control transmitter is flat Replace the battery
The opener has been put into “Vacation Mode”Turn off “Vacation Mode” by pressing transmitter button
The transmitter code has not been setSee remote control transmitter & code setting procedure
The remote control transmitter range varies or is restrictedVariations are normal depending on conditions e.g. temperature or external interference See Instructions for correct use of remote control transmitter
The battery is flat or faulty Replace the battery
Position of the remote control transmitter in the motor vehicle Change the position - see Instructions for correct use
Position of the aerial will not pick up the radio signalInstall an external aerial kit - see Accessories Section
The light does not workLight module is not inserted/connected properlyCheck for correct connection otherwise replace module
If both fail contact your dealer for support
The door reverses for no apparent reasonThis may occur occasionally from weather changes, usually during the first yearThe opener automatically adjusts to compensate for changes in the door operating force
The door opens but will not closeAuto close or safety infra red beam not operating correctlyCheck the installation

Garador Garamatic 10 troubleshooting

DisplayError/warningPossible causeRemedy
Reversal limit cannot be setAn obstacle was in the way when the SKS/VL reversal limit was setRemove the obstacle
The position of the reversal limit is > 200 mm before the Close end-of- travel positionPressing the buttons ® or ® acknowledges the error.
Select a position < 200 mm before the Close end-of-travel position
Partial opening height cannot be setThe partial opening height is too close to the Close end-of-travel position (< 120 mm slide travel)The partial opening height must be higher
Safety equipment (photocells)No photocell is connectedConnect a photocell or activate menu 60
The light beam is interruptedAdjust the photocell
The photocell is defectiveExchange the photocell
Power limit in Close directionThe door is too sluggish or does not move smoothlyCorrect the door travel
Obstacle in door areaRemove the obstacle and teach in the operator again, if necessary
Static current circuit openThe wicket door is openClose the wicket door
The magnet has been fitted the wrong wayFit the magnet correctly (see the instructions for the wicket door contact)
The testing result is not OKExchange the wicket door contact
Stop UAP pressed
Power limit in the Open directionThe door is too sluggish or does not move smoothlyCorrect the door travel
Obstacle in door areaRemove the obstacle and teach in the operator again, if necessary
System errorInternal errorRestore the factory setting (see section 12), teach in the operator again or exchange, if necessary
Travel time limitThe belt is tornExchange the belt
The operator is defectiveExchange the operator
Communication errorCommunication with the additional print is faulty (e.g. UAP 1, ES 1, ES 2, EF 1)Check the connecting leads and exchange, if necessary
Check the additional print and exchange, if necessary
Travel command not possibleThe operator has been blocked for the control elements and a travel command was givenRelease the operator for the control elements
Check the connection of the IT 3b
Closing edge safety deviceThe light beam is interruptedCheck the transmitter and receiver and exchange, if necessary, or exchange the complete closing edge safety device
8k2 resistance contact strip is defective or not connectedCheck the 8k2 resistance contact strip or connect to the operator via the 8k2-1T decoder unit
No reference pointPower failureMove the door to the Open end-of-travel position
Power limit has been triggered 3 x in a row in the Close direction
The operator has not been taught inThe operator has not been taught in yetTeach in the operator (see section 5)
Maintenance display flashes during each door run.No error
The maintenance interval set by the fitter has been exceeded.
Have the door system inspected and maintained by a qualified person in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications.