Craftsman Garage Door Opener Error Codes

Craftsman 315 SERIES Garage Door Opener Error Codes

Problem Cause Solution
1 or 2 flashesOne or both of the LEDs on the safety reversing sensors do not glow steadily. One flash means there is a broken or disconnected wire to a safety reversing sensor. Two flashes means a wire to a sensor is shorted out or a black/white wire is reversedInspect the sensor wires for a short (staple in a wire), incorrect wiring polarity (black/white wires reversed), broken or disconnected wires; replace or reattach as needed
3 flashes The LED is not lit on the door controlInspect the door control wires for a short (staple in wire), and replace as needed.
Disconnect wires at the door control, then touch the wires together. If the garage door opener activates, replace the door control.
If the garage door opener does not activate, disconnect door control wires from the motor unit. Momentarily short across the red and white terminals with jumper wire. If the garage door opener activates, replace the door control wires
4 flashes The safety reversing sensor sending LED glows steadily, and the receiving light is dim or flashing. The safety reversing sensors are slightly misalignedLoosen the wing nut on the receiving sensor, clean the lens, realign the sensor until it glows steadily, then tighten the wing nut and secure the brackets.
Verify the door track is firmly secured to the wall and does not move
5 flashes This is a miscellaneous code. Additional symptoms will help to identify the issueIf the opener is operating normally, unplug the garage door opener then plug it back in to reset the flashing.
If the opener is not moving at all and you hear a short hum, look for a physical obstruction and remove it, or check if the trolley is stuck on the stop bolt.
The motor may have encountered a physical obstruction or RPM reversal.  If the motor unit trolley moves 6-8" (15-20 cm) the RPM sensor may need to be replaced, or check for loose wires or an interrupter cup that is not on the motor shaft properly.
If the door is moving more than 6-8 inches it is likely that a force adjustment is needed.
If the garage door opener does not operate, the motor could be overheated. Wait 30 minutes and retry.
If the garage door opener still does not operate it may be the logic board or a short in the door control wires
6 flashes Motor Circuit Failure. Replace the receiver logic boardReplace the logic board because the motor itself rarely fails