Adjusting the Garage Door Track by Yourself

The garage door track should run parallel to the door, with a consistent margin. If something is wrong, you may notice gaps, binding, or misalignment.

How to adjust the garage door to the weatherstripping

Lower the door and take a look at the way it lines up with the rubber boot on the outside. Do you notice any gaps or a draft? Does the door bind (it happens when the track runs too close to the jamb)? The track sets the distance of the door from the framing. So if you notice any of these signs, adjusting the door to the weatherstripping may help.

How to adjust the garage door to the weatherstripping

To start with, loosen the bolts holding tracks to their lower track brackets. You will notice a slotted hole on the brackets. It is very likely that you will have to loosen more than one bracket because the track may bind while you are making an attempt to adjust it. Hold the door against the rubber boot. Ensure that the track is up against the roller and screw the bolt tight.

Do the same with all the other brackets on this side and check for the gaps. If you notice a gap on the other side, repeat these steps there.

How to adjust the track margins

The track should run parallel to the door and have an even margin for its full height. If the margin is not correct, there is a misalignment between the track and the door.

How to adjust the track margins

This task is somewhat similar to adjusting the door in and out. You need to work with the metal brackets attached to the jamb with lag bolts. Do you see a slotted hole in the bracket? If the lag is placed right in the middle of the slot, it will let the bracket move from side to side. Loosen the lag bolt and move the bracket so as to set the correct alignment. Most likely, you will have to loosen two brackets at a time if they are binding.

Work on both sides until there is a consistent margin (1/2″ to 3/4″ of the shaft).

How to adjust the overhead track

The overhead part of the track has only one place where it can be adjusted. This work is done in much the same way as adjusting the track margins.

The track should run parallel to the door when the door is lifted. You should be able to see a margin of 1/2″ to 3/4″ on the rollers.

Find the metal angles that secure the ends of the track. These angles are screwed to the ceiling or rafters. Lift the door and look at the alignment. Remember where and how much you need to move the track.

Lower the door before you start working. This safety measure is very important, otherwise the door may fall.

Unscrew the bolt from the angle and change the location of the vertical angle over one or more holes until you can see the even margin. Work with one track at a time.

Having finished the work lift the garage door very carefully so as to ensure that the rollers are secured in the sleeves.

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